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Clos du Clocher - Pomerol - JB Audy





THE ROAWING 20s History shows of these post war years, there was a profound architectural and artistic shift. In Pomerol, a similar cultural revolution was underway: new owners, new ideas and new ambitions. In 1924, Jean Baptiste Audy began his own vineyard through the acquisition, under the shadow of the church spire, of some magnificent plots of vines. This was the birth of « Clos du Clocher ». All that followed was learning how to harness and work what nature had given. A NEW DEPARTURE One century later, the singular personality of this wine remained a secret to be shared among devotees. The Bordeaux architects Fabre de Marien created an intimate place, located inthe heart of the vineyard, to unravel the mystery of it. The enlarged vatting room, the underground cellar where we work by gravity, the old vintages cellar, form a new face to Clos du Clocher, in harmony with the surrounding vines.

PERFECT HARMONY If all of Pomerol is renowned for its terroir, ony a handful of chateaux can demonstrate the famous dense iron-rich clay across their plots. At Clos du Clocher, as at Petrus, Le Pin, La Conseillante and Vieux Château Certan, a «natural contract» binds the vines to its terroir, ensuring they reach full maturity, and that the grapes show intense complexity. A POINT OF DIFFERENCE At the heart of the Pomerol plateau, Clos du Clocher comprises three plots that cover a total area of 4.6ha. Merlot, of course, takes pride of place, but 30% of the blend comes from old Cabernet Franc vines that have long given the wine’s final blend its distinct personality. NOTHING IS LEFT TO CHANCE In the vines, hand harvesting, deleafing and sustainable, organic treatments against some diseases or parasites... all is conceived to ensure the plant’s natural balance is protected, and particular attention is lavished on 3ha that date from 1957. Hand harvesting is of course practised, with grapes picked into small baskets, then given a double sorting and later destalking.

SLOWLY DOES IT This stainless-steel and cement vats, so typical of the region, can vinify very small volumes of wine, and adapts itself perfectly to the needs of each tiny plot. By punching-down or pumping over, ss with a pot simmering slowly on a stove, at Clos du Clocher, we give every vat all the time it needs to fully express its potential. THE DEVELOPING WINE Each barrel will also make its own contribution to the final picture. The barrels are home to a large part of the malolactic fermentations, then are used for up to 18 months of wine ageing – and because of this they have to be selected and constructed with enormous care and attention, first by the barrel maker, and then by the winery team. THE MOMENT OF TRUTH After each ingredient is followed slowly and patiently to fruition, the time comes for it to add its own personality to the final blend. The blends, selected by the winery team at Clos du Clocher in parternship with Michel Rolland and his team, will define the structure and aromatic palette of the wines.


Clos du Clocher is one-of-a-kind, an insider’s wine that rewards those who look for originality and personality in their wines. Of course it has power and a naturally rich mouth-feel but equally evident is minerality and elegance. The discretion, almost rigour, of the aromas when very young (2-5 years) and on the first opening of the bottle, is swiftly replaced by an immense complexity: black fruits and the violet flowers of Merlot (6-10 years), but also spices, mint, tobacco (12-20 years) and the striking freshness from the Cabernet Franc that makes this wine timeless.

" A fabulous terroir " Robert Parker " Extraordinarily exciting wines " Vinum " Should be snapped up ! " Jancis Robinson

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